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"The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear."
J. Krishnamurti
"I do believe in spooks. I do believe in spooks."
The Cowardly Lion

Sixes are based in the Head Center. Their issues revolve around trust and safety. They view the world as a threatening place and are always alert to potential dangers. Although they are skeptical and reluctant to trust others, they are sweet, loyal, funny and organized. Sixes often agonize over decisions. Feeling safe and secure is important to Sixes.

Best Examples of Famous "SIXES": WOODY ALLEN & JULIA ROBERTS
Celebrities Public Figures Characters
Diane Keaton Katie Couric Fox Mulder (X Files)
Billy Crystal Sigmund Freud Sherlock Holmes
Bruce Springsteen Richard Nixon The Cowardly Lion -- Wizard of OZ
Phil Donahue Janet Reno George Costanza (Sienfeld)
Evel Kneivel Bill Moyers Sarah Conner in the Terminator roles
Mel Gibson Gloria Steinem Hamlet
Gilda Radner Dennis Rodman Braveheart
Meg Ryan   Luke Skywalker
Spike Lee    
Don Rickles    
Julia Roberts    
Ellen Degeneres    

Quick Profile

Sixes can often appear to be contradictory. Sixes come in two "flavors" (phobic and counter-phobic). Because of this Sixes can present themselves in diverse ways, from the Casper Milquetoasts to the Bravehearts. Sixes are the "salts of the earth," the everyday heroes, the God-fearing plodders, the stalwart troopers, and then again, the Jeckels and Hydes. From the Julia Robertses and Meg Ryans to the Don Rickels and Richard Nixons, Sixes try to gain security by creating alliances.

Devoted and loyal to their own, they are concerned about who and what can be trusted. They may even question those in whom they have the most faith, at times appearing defensive, hostile or evasive. They can respond to their fears phobically, "dying a thousand deaths" through cowardice and anxiety, or counterphobically by courageously (or recklessly) facing danger and pushing through fears. Counter-phobic Sixes can force themselves into doing what they are afraid of, often as members of professional teams like the military, police or fire departments or emergency medical services.

They are team players—or rebels. They are committed and responsible yet anxious and suspicious; loyal and more endearing than any other type yet full of contradictions that often create self-doubt and indecisiveness.

People are often attracted to sixes because there is something irresistibly sweet and endearing about them and because of their loyalty, perseverance, fascinating imaginations, and good senses of humor. In relationships they are warm, supportive, reliable and committed to making it work. At their best they are truly courageous, independent yet cooperatively interdependent and protective guardians.

Are You a Six? How many of these do you identify with?

As A Six:
  • I am a very diligent, perseverant, hard working person.
  • I pretty much live with a constant feeling like the axe is about to fall or the other shoe is going to drop.
  • I think of myself as a loyal, supportive and compassionate friend and partner.
  • I have a difficult time making decisions and I vacillate back and forth before making them. And then I second-guess myself. Then again, sometimes I just charge ahead.
  • People often tell me I have a good sense of humor.
  • When someone flatters me, I wonder what they really want from me.
  • In an emergency when the chips are really down, I can usually just somehow get past my insecurities and anxiety and do what needs to be done.
  • I have to know what the rules are, whether I'm obediently following them or testing and breaking them.
  • I want to trust my friends, but it seems I'm always questioning their motives and testing their loyalty.
  • I tend to curry the favor of authority figures and try to stay on their good side. I like them, but you have to always be careful around them.
  • I like to champion the cause of the underdog and argue in favor of the unpopular position.
  • I have good radar for detecting bad intentions.
  • I have been known to sabotage my own success.
  • I know how rebellious and devious I can be, at least on the inside sometimes, and I know people are all alike, so I know to watch out for others' hidden agendas.
  • Before I decide anything, I have to check in with the committee in my head (comprised of important voices in my life like my parents, bosses, friends, clergy and mentors) to make sure I'm doing the right thing.
  • I can see both sides of any issue.

In Enneagram Terms:
Also known as: The Loyalist, The Trooper, The Skeptical Analyst
The Main Plot: The main character (a 6 of course) sees himself as loyal, stalwart, and perseverant, and the stage is set in a dangerous world where everything is suspicious and the hero needs trusty allies.
Chief Feature: Paranoia
Basic Motivation: The need to feel taken care of and supported by others, to get reassurance, to have certainty in an unsafe world, and avoid being seen as rebellious.
Basic Fear: Of not having support and guidance.
Basic Desire: To have security and support.
Focus of Attention: "What's the worst that can happen here?" Attention goes to what poses a threat or danger in the world and imagining the worst case scenario in order to be prepared, scanning for hidden motives or agendas.
Passion: Doubt / Fear
Virtue: Courage
Psychological Defense Mechanism: Projection -- that's attributing to others what is really going on inside of you. Sixes don't trust themselves, so they project untrustworthiyness onto others and the world.


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