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We believe that every one of us innately seeks meaningful relationships and partnerships in our lives. Humans want to feel like they belong, that they understand themselves and they want to feel understood. Having a contented relationship with one's Self, self-love, is a necessary prerequisite and foundation to having successful relationships with others. We believe that having healthy relationships with ourselves and others is essential to making a life worth living.

Ours is a mission committed to individual personal growth and personal awareness. For we believe that when people

  • understand their own inner and automatic motivations,
  • know and accept who they are,
  • take responsibility for their own lives and their own creations,
  • have some basic understanding of others' inner and automatic motivations, and
  • appreciate themselves and others as they are,

they are then best prepared to engage in and to receive meaningful lasting relationships.

We are motivated by the education, exploration and use of the Enneagram as a practical tool to help people accomplish their personal, emotional, relational and spiritual endeavors. Understanding and using the Enneagram in one's life greatly fosters the building of harmonious relationships that in turn facilitate and expand Love and Compassion in the Universe.

Membership, involvement and participation with the Enneagram Relationship Service create a unique and special sense of belonging with the deep connection that we all seek as humans. Applying this wisdom entreats one to not only connect with his or her own heart, but to reach out with understanding to the hearts of family and friends, to those hearts of local community and to connect with the hearts of all beings in our global and Universal communities. With this intent, the Enneagram Relationship Service effectively bridges both genders and all cultures, races, religions and nations.

We are committed to creating the best online service to study, explore and apply the Enneagram as a vehicle to create conscious, aware relationships. Our goal is to make a positive difference in peoples' lives by sharing the remarkable wisdom of the Enneagram with the world while preserving the Enneagram's essence and integrity.


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