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"I'll be back."
The Terminator
"I shall return."
Douglas MacArthur
"I did it my way."
Frank Sinatra
"Never give in. Never give in. Never give in."
Sir Winston Churchill

Eights are based in the Body Center. They like to be in control and build their personas so they can remain in control. They are born leaders and intuitively know what needs to be done to accomplish an objective or mobilize a group with confidence. They express their opinions and anger openly, tend to do things to excess and will defend the meek to the end. Avoiding being vulnerable or appearing weak is important to Eights.
Best Example of a Famous "EIGHT": JOHN WAYNE
Celebrities Public Figures Characters
George Patton Picasso Robin Hood
Susan Sarandon Franklin D. Roosevelt Davy Crockett
Don Imus Martin Luther King, Jr. The Godfather
Frank Sinatra Winston Churchill Garfield the Cat
Joan Crawford Mikhail Gorbachev Carla (Cheers)
Danny De Vito Golda Meir J.R. Ewing (Dallas)
Barbara Walters Gurdjieff Perry Mason
Russell Crowe Saddam Hussein The Klingons
Sean Penn Leona Helmsley Conan the Barbarian
Charlton Heston H. Ross Perot  
Roseanne Barr Indira Gandhi  
Bette Davis Norman Mailer  
Mike Tyson Fidel Castro  
Babe Ruth Jimmy Hoffa  
Jim Morrison Swami Muktananda  
Lyndon Johnson Ernest Hemingway  
James Brown F. Lee Bailey  
Chrissie Hynde Lee Iacocca  
W. C. Fields Aristotle Onassis  
John Gotti Henry VIII  
Humphrey Bogart Oprah Winfry  
Rosie O'Donnell    

Quick Profile

In the show of life, Eights are the type that wants most to run the show. They are the tough, strong types under whose crusty exteriors lie hidden soft, tender hearts that they don't let many see very often. Eights are the John Waynes and the mother lions, the Charles Atlases upon whom the world depends for strength and support. What you see is what you get with Eights, whose life force energy seems to always be turned up to the maximum setting.

Eights present themselves as powerful, self-confident and direct. The dominating, resourceful, decisive and protective type, they want to be in charge and maintain control. In a relentless search for truth and justice, they amass resources and power to protect their autonomy and assert their importance. When they feel threatened they can tend to become belligerent and combative, defiant and confrontational. Disdainful of weakness, mediocrity and vulnerability, they do not back down and are not easily led.

Sometimes rough and crude, they are nevertheless charismatic and physically and psychologically inspiring enough to compel others to follow them anywhere—even where angels fear to tread—from starting a company to waging a war. They have no problems making decisions and often engage in "black and white" thinking. To an Eight, you are either on the team or you are not. They can thus make great leaders.

People are attracted to Eights because of the safe, sheltering umbrella of protection they offer "their people," their strength, energy and vitality, and their charismatic directness. You always know where you stand with an Eight. At their best in relationships they are undyingly loyal, truthful, generous, committed and supportive. At their best in life's movie, they become constructive leaders and courageous and magnanimous protectors.

Are You a Eight? How many of these do you identify with?

As A Eight:
  • I don't understand how easily I seem to intimidate people and bowl them over.
  • I can get very angry very quickly, but it blows over just as quickly, and when it's gone, it's gone.
  • When a little of something is good, a whole lot of it is even better.
  • I shoot straight from the hip. People always know where they stand with me.
  • I love empowering and motivating people and giving them the wherewithal to make it on their own.
  • I can't stand bullies.
  • I have lots of energy for working hard and getting things done.
  • I don't mince words. I talk straight, tell it like it is, and I'm quick to speak my mind. My cards are all on the table.
  • I'm like a pit bull when it comes to protecting my family and the people I love.
  • I stand up for what's right and fair.
  • I pride myself on my independence. I can't stand having to rely on someone else. I stand up for myself and my people.
  • I thrive on excitement and intensity. I feel alive dancing on the edge of the roof.
  • I'm pretty much a maverick. I do things my way. I dress as I please, talk as I like and generally don't care what anyone thinks.
  • If it has to come down to a confrontation, I'll win…period.
  • I support the underdog and always go to bat for the disadvantaged, yet I have no pity for the weak-willed cowards of this world. You've got to be tough and brave to survive.
  • I respect people who stand up to me.

In Enneagram Terms:
Also known as: The Asserter, The Boss, The Challenger, The Protector
The Main Plot: The main character (an 8 of course) sees himself as brave, courageous and bold--a strong, in-charge person who can handle anything life throws at him, and the plot is simple (to paraphrase Michael Goldberg in The 9 Ways of Working)--avenging the weak and exposing the power abusers, the pretenders and the fools.
Chief Feature: Vengeance
Basic Motivation: The need to be self-reliant, and prove their strength, make an impact on the world, avoid being weak and to stay in control.
Basic Fear: Of being hurt or controlled by others.
Basic Desire: To be in control of their fate.
Focus of Attention: "Who's in control?" Who has the power and control—being strong to insure survival, seeks truth and justice.
Passion: Lust
Virtue: Innocence
Psychological Defense Mechanism: Denial -- it's simply denying the reality of feelings or situations that are at odds with how you see yourself. Eights deny any weakness or vulnerability in themselves.


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