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Cupid has them. So do you!

The types on either side of any given type are referred to as that type's "wings." Each type has two wings, and they influence the way a person's type appears. These wing variations on the core personality "flavor" the personality type1 in varying degrees for every individual. For example, the wings for type Six are Five and Seven. A Six may sometimes lean towards type Five and take on a more withdrawn flavor, or towards Seven and have a more playful flavor. Roll your mouse over the numbers in this diagram to see the wings for each type.

It's important to keep in mind that no one is just his or her core type. Every individual is a complex blend of "flavors" (personality traits), of one or both wings. Some people tend to lean towards either one wing or the other all the time. Some people may have a tendency to lean towards neither wing. And then again, some people will tend to lean towards one wing sometimes and towards the other wing at other times. All these various tendencies can be exhibited more strongly at certain times than others.

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1 Helen Palmer, The Enneagram: Understanding yourself and Others In Your Life, Harper Collins San Francisco, 1988


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